Thursday, November 5, 2009

Automatic Navigation In An Invisible World

One way to look at the Dark Under World of San Andreas reveals it as a black-dark Flatland with the more subtle resistance gradients (hard and soft directions) of The Dragons Egg. While exploring the area just north Of Big Smoke`s Crack Palace in the Dark Under World I once again encountered the only well lit full-color area in that dark ant lion trap. Following some odd impulse I shed my jet-pack and began to run the mission path through the neighborhood which was only halfa block from an invisible strip-joint down the hill from Big Smoke`s. It didn`t take long to find the Crack Palace. The heavily armed, t-shirt clad gangbangers guarding the unbreakable, invisible door were the only things around the area in color and lit-up.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost But not Quite Forgotten

Untill we heard from Plush Neon Monkey this weekend we were subletting Chatty Silvers office and had saved almost enough for that extra-wide slipnslide he`s been promising us for two years now. Everyone here knows he`s a block-head but we`ve tried to keep it quiet, great, that`s blown.

We all thought he was just
sorting his navel lint all this
time, but no Chatty`s been
seeing other blogs on the sly.
Specificly, Blocklogic, what are
we cream cheese?