Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hotpockalypse, Now?

Alright, this is the first scoop I`ve had in a while. A quick though discrete search of my most reliable sources hasn`t come up with the release date or even the directors name, though Angelina Anyway assured me the premier was well attended. To the best of our knowledge this, his third movie, is Jim Gaffigans first staring role. To Quote Miz Anyway, " Gaffigan`s haunting portrayal of the despotic Col Kurtz was unexpectedly natural. Squatted gazing into a roaring fire masticating vacantly on his Hotpocket as the sweat poured off his green and black face, he seemed oblivious to the clouds of insects swirling like a nimbus around his head." Hardly a saintly figure on the set, the enraged Gaffigan is said to have thrown an over-warmed hotpocket at one of the grips, who subsequently filed a grievance with his union rep. Angelina doesn`t buy it.

Aside from Miz Anyway`s glowing review and the reproduction of one of the posters above, this reporter hasn`t been able to find out much about this closet classic.
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