Friday, December 23, 2011


Familiar yet sometimes a little hauntingly off stills and even some films. While continuing to document the secret history of doppelgangers in Hollywood, the DPP has uncovered a treasure trove of... Well there you have it really, the paper wasn't acid free, and the film was mostly nitrate-stock. Sadly many of these films will never be widely distributed, as they appear even now to be decayed beyond restoration. Some only fragments a few minutes long, and several with no names, these films are the nearly lost legacy of the outlawed Doppleganger Film Club.

   Since I let the only copy of this one I test folded get away without a picture, here's the second DPP kaleidocycle (assorted santa, or santa-like). In case yer unfamiliar with the Kaleidocycle, Foldplay is where we made these.

Remember "Frankie" this isn't a bad time to have a day out. To find a place in the sun and sit and watch the day go by. A rollover-pin to a modest balance, enough indemnity to keep the bounty hunters at bay for the day, these few provisions and Frankie, though now outside the loop of possible upload, at least isn't doomed to wander his last lost hours stealing looks over his shoulder. Merry Christmas Frankie, have you tried the egg-nog?